Customer service

From the customer perspective, Certia is an easy and trouble-free solution. Certia’s experts can be reached by the phone on every working day from 8.00 to 16.00. You can check the phone number of the customer team that serves you in the matter currently at hand from the customer service contact information.

For Certia’s customers, easy and trouble-free service means that liaising with Certia and using e-services is made easy by means of appropriate service channels and models.

Customer service contact information

In addition to the on-call telephone service, Certia’s expert services are available to our customers through our customer support system. The service requests placed via the customer support service are always directed to the correct experts to ensure prompt problem clarification and response to the customer. You may place a service request with Certia though the service portal. Use the Haka user credentials of your university to log in to the service portal. If you cannot successfully log in, please contact the IT depart of your university.