Competence and expertise in financial and personnel administration

Efficiency and expertise
Reliability and carefulness

Fluency and effectiveness

Support and functionality

Time Saving Automation

Efficiency and Expertise

Reliability and Carefulness

Fluency and effectiveness

Support and functionality

Time Saving Automation

Experts in Efficiency Improvement

Certia Oy is an expert organization, which is specialized to producing financial and personnel administration services to universities and companies. The required competence in financial administration, the expertise in personnel administration and functional technology solutions are centralized to Certia.

Certia’s way

Certia’s ambition is to become the best financial and personnel administration service centre in the public sector. Reaching this goal calls for continuous development, competence improvement and hard work. We are committed to working and improving our quality until we are the partner of choice. These are the ways and means we use to achieve our goal:


Efficiency, cost control and productive investments

Customer Perspective

Customer insight and responsiveness

Internal Excellence

Openness, shared models and procedures for addressing the root cause


Foresight, insight, brainstorming and innovation


Learning, competence, flexibility, appreciation and encouragement

Professional Competence and Service-minded Approach

We at Certia are proud of our competence, professionalism and the results we deliver. We value our customers and want to provide them with the best possible service. All our employees have a chance to competence development and learning of new things. Employees also are in key position when it comes to business development.

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