System Solutions for Companies

Certia’s operations are based on efficient use of information systems and on finding the solutions that suit the customer’s current situation. For corporate financial, personnel and travel administration, Certia provides solutions that meet the requirements of the customer’s operations.

Solution for every customer

Financial administration services are provided using the Lemonsoft financial administration solution. The Lemonsoft financial administration software enables financial administration in electronic format to streamline operations and save resources. With the solution, the customer may effortlessly carry out invoicing, accounting and other financial administration routines with the help of automated functions. Up-to-date information is simultaneously generated for reporting purposes to support management decisions.

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Certia’s personnel management solution for corporate customers is Mepco HRM. Mepco’s solution supports different personnel administration processes, such as setting up an employment relationship, payroll calculation, competence development, payroll and personnel administration reporting, and the termination of employment. Additionally, a wide range of reporting and up-to-date information is generated for the company’s management.

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