Personnel Administration Services

In personnel administration processes, trust and diligence are the key. Certia’s professionals take care of their client’s personnel administration tasks with skill and results. At Certia, personnel administration processes are based on fluent operations, reliability, skilled salary-handling and the efficient use of information systems. The employees of each organization deserve smooth and expert payroll processes.

Personnel services from the start to the end of employment Reliably and with an agility to quickly respond to changes

Monitoring personnel administration legislation and collective agreements requires expertise and accuracy. At Certia, HR tasks are at the core of our expertise. Certia provides its clients with support services in personnel administration processes and their development in transitions or when new laws and regulations need to be taken into account. Certia’s personnel administration experts are on hand in various situations, demanding special expertise.

Salaries, fees, and grants

The correct calculation and correctly timed payment of salaries and fees. Certia looks after the maintenance of data required by salary calculation as well as the calculation and payment of salaries.

Holiday pay and compensation

The determination and remittance of holiday pay and compensation.

Accounts and reports to the authorities

Settlement of accounts with the authorities and reporting in compliance with applicable laws and regulations; payroll statistics and archiving. Employers have electronic reports at their disposal, while employees will receive their payslips either in electronic or conventional printed format. The information and reports generated from the system are also available.

Electronic services for managers and employees

The tool for employees and supervisors is an easy browser-based user interface, which allows them to maintain data on employment and absence from work. The user interface is a user-friendly and efficient way to update personal data and take care of employment processes.