Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation can be used to facilitate work processes, fill the demand for resources or speed up time-consuming tasks. Certia employs a number of robotic process automation specialists whose expertise customers can utilize in their own projects. Certia’s robotic process automation services are based on a UiPath solution.

Although robotic process automation development tools are agile, the implementations are designed to be sustainable.

Certia’s robotic process automation implementations are based on an agreed upon model, in which the structure of the implementation ensures easy maintenance in change and fault situations. Detailed monitoring data is available on each process carried out by the robotic process automation, which can be integrated into the customer’s reporting system.

Identification of applications and implementation of robotic process automation

The service encompasses all aspects of robotic process automation. The service begins with a review of processes and the identification of potential applications. After the process analysis, the applications in which robotic process automation is to be utilized are chosen together with the customer. Certia then implements the service, which is tested in cooperation with the customer before entering production.

Robotic process automation development

The service includes the development of robotic process automation for the customer’s specific needs. Robotic process automation can be applied to pre-identified processes or used to increase the automation of the customer’s operations. Certia supplies the platform service, rents robotic process automation resources for the customer and supports the customer in the implementation and testing of robotic process automation. 

Both service packages include a platform service offered by Certia. The platform service includes maintenance, administration and reporting as well as user support services for the customer’s experts.